XPages Development

XPages is the latest development tool offered by IBM. It is a rapid web and mobile application development platform which allows Notes data as well as data from relational and other data sources to be displayed to browser clients on all platforms.

The programming model is based on standards and common web development skills like JavaScript, Ajax, the Dojo Toolkit, Server-side JavaScript, and JavaServer Faces.

XPages allows for faster, more dynamic development with a new offering of pre-packaged tools and applications. We have built a number of large applications using XPages including a member intranet that fully integrates a member database, events, photo albums, forums and more.

XPages is the future of IBM development and is the perfect tool for moving your application to the web. Modernize your legacy Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) and Domino applications! For an in-depth look at the Whitsell Consulting approach please review our PDF documentation: "IBM Notes/Domino Analysis & Modernization"

The majority of our work is done on a retainer basis so you always know what your budget is and we always have available staff.

Don't be fooled by off-shore companies that boast $20 an hour rates as the project will most likely take longer and be of poorer quality. We recently did a comparison against a company that quoted $20 per hour but the project was going to take them 460 hours vs. our estimate of only 80 hours.

Details on hourly/retainer agreements are available here or click below to request a personalized quote: