Project Management (PMI Certified)

Our PMO services were established to provide our customers with mobile project management expertise.

1) PMO Setup
+ Program PMO: We help establish the PMO foundations, organizational structure, tools, processes, etc. Everything you need to be successful in initiating, planning, executing, controlling and close projects regardless of the size.
+ Project based PMO: This is a trimmed down version of the full program offering. We setup a PMO for the purposes of managing a single project then decommission the PMO when the project us complete.

2) Staff Augmentation
+ Whitsell Consulting maintain an internal PMO where we staff only PMI certified project manager with senior level experience and education. These project managers work either on-site or virtually. Most of our engagements are done off site in a virtual office where we leverage our internal experiences and knowledge.

3) RFP Design
+ This offering was setup specifically to assist customer in designing, building and submitting RFI / RFQ / RFP’s.

4) PMO Audit
+ This service was established to assist customer with evaluating their current project management process and procedures. From establishing project charters to lessons learned we look under all the covers and provide analysis and feedback based on industry knowledge, best practices and experience.

Advantages to the Whitsell Consulting PMO
+ Single-point for project management control
+ Process and procedures already developed
+ EXPERTS: IT projects are all we do
+ Over 15 years of experience

The nature of doing business in today’s economy forces companies to put enormous pressure on projects to be on time, on budget with quality results. IT Projects are typically high risk, high visibility and impact most or all business units. Yet, the success rate of IT projects is less than 30%. So why undertake a project where the likelihood of failure is 70% or greater? Business requires it, right? Whitsell Consulting has been working in this environment for years and recognize the need to excellence in project management whether its new product development, technologies refreshes, systems design and development, telecommunication, data center builds/ moves, etc.. We can make your successful! Project management is nothing more than a proven and repeatable process applied to a temporary and new endeavor.

Some of the challenges facing businesses today are:
1) Coordinating and managing resources is a huge challenge. Coordinating 3rd parties, OEM / Vendors, internal IT organizations (Storage Team, Systems Admin’s, Networking, etc..) and the various business units are often outside the expertise or experience of most employees.

2) Necessary project processes and controls in place to be successfully are not part of the normal day to day operation of most businesses. Communication planning, steering committees, issues and escalations, risk assessments, business unit requirements getting to the data networking group are just some of the processes that need to exist. The numbers of challenges continue on and on and the details get more complex. Fortunately Whitsell Consulting has a solution.