Modernize Your Apps

Don't throw it away! Most likely your Notes/Domino applications are customized to meet your business needs perfectly. You don't need to start from scratch or try to piece together multiple out of the box applications to meet your needs. Let Whitsell Consulting modernize or web enable your existing IBM Notes and Domino applications using IBM XPages.

Replace your design, not your application
XPages allows for rapid web development and provides your customers and employees with sleek, modern user interfaces accessible via the web. XPages can be further enhanced using Bootstrap to provide tablet and mobile friendly application designs. Keep your existing Notes/Domino database and use XPages to refresh your design without replacing your entire application.

By modernizing your existing Notes/Domino application you take advantage of numerous benefits including:
+ No need to move large amounts of data
+ Continue to utilize the security of Notes
+ Keep your existing servers*
+ Keep your existing user IDs and passwords
+ Partial page refresh & increased speeds
+ User friendly web interface

For an in-depth look at the Whitsell Consulting approach please review our PDF documentation: "IBM Notes/Domino Analysis & Modernization"

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*servers will need to be running to version 8.5 or higher