Business Analysis

Have an idea but just not sure how to get to the final result? Our certified business process analysts can help through the entire development process.

Whitsell Database Analyzer
Whitsell Consulting has developed a set of analyzer tools to provide our clients a clear snapshot of their IBM Notes/Domino applications and environment. We run a set of scans on your servers to provide valuable information such as:

+ database size, # of documents, replication IDs, creation and modified dates
+ corresponding templates
+ usage (last 24 hrs, last week, last month, last 90 days)
+ access control and user lists
+ hard coded file paths and element level links
+ scheduled agents
+ and more...

After the analyzer has run, we provide a full report of our findings and recommendations. Contact us today to learn more!

For an in-depth look at the Whitsell Consulting's approach please review our PDF documentation: "IBM Notes/Domino Analysis & Modernization"