Whitsell Consulting Services is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado with a talented team of developers, designers, project managers and architects. We are an IBM Business Partner specializing in Notes (formerly Lotus Notes), Domino, and XPages but offer solutions using a number of other technologies such as Sharepoint and Wordpress. We pride ourselves in offering high quality business solutions at competitive rates.

We also have several products that we have created over the years including sales forecasting tools, help desk applications, corporate intranets, HR applications, signature solutions and much more. The majority of our clients are on retainer based model. They get "x" amount" of hours for new development or support each month (the higher the hours the lower the hourly rate). This allows you to focus on your core business and allows us to function as your IT team. We also offer work on a quarterly or project basis.

Who Are We
Our team consists of developers and consultants with many years of experience working with IBM Notes, Domino, and XPages products. Whitsell Consulting has created applications of all types and we are sure that our knowledge and skills will allow us to fulfill your company's needs.

Our clients are located throughout the world and range from large multi-national corporations to small local firms. We have done work throughout the United States and places such as Switzerland, Brazil, England, Singapore and Chile.

What Do We Offer
We specialize in custom business solutions as well as offering complete product packages that we have designed to solve internal needs. We want to be part of your team, not just another vendor. Let's face it... technology is always changing and if you want to stay cutting edge, you can't simply create a solution that will last forever.

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