Corporate Intranets/eForms

Corporate intranets and electronic forms (eForms) help keep your employees well informed and can save you valuable time and money by allowing your employees to gather and post information that would otherwise require someone else to provide it for them. We have helped numerous companies with their corporate intranets and eForms.

Our back-end system/database makes it so simple to provide information and update content fast and easy.

You can have your intranet entirely web based so no software needs to be loaded on your employee's computers and it is fully secure. You can even limit areas to certain employees while making other areas for all.

Features can be completely customized to your specific company needs.

Some of the intranets and eForms we have created in the past have included...
+ Contact directories and CRMs
+ Time off/vacation reporting
+ Reimbursement requests
+ Sales forecasting tools
+ Help desks
+ Safety reporting
+ Work order requests and tracking
+ Personnel management
+ ISO9000 compliance
+ Employee handbooks
+ Benefits information and enrollment
+ Calendar of events
+ Training catalogs and registration
+ Job boards
+ Chat rooms
+ Electronic library/files
+ Status reports
+ Skills repository