Content Management Systems (CMS)

Update your website or intranet content easily - no programming required.

We realize the value of being able to update your website at will. Our custom interface is so simple to use, it's as easy as typing a email or a text document. What's even better is we configure it to work with your customized website and it is available in either a web based form or a Notes client based form.

Standard Features
+ Insert links to other websites, pages, emails
+ Insert and format pictures with ease
+ Insert scrolling marquee/news tickers
+ Track revisions
+ Work on documents in draft before posting
+ Auto archiving features
+ Spell check and text formatting
+ Multiple page layout options
+ Store and link to files such as .PDF, .XLS, .DOC, .PPT, and video/audio files

Optional Features
+ Optional approval routing if your documents must be socialized before posting
+ Incorporate shopping cart, registration forms, calendar of events and more
+ Track any type of form submittals, contact documents, requests, help desk requests

*** Our tool can be easily customized to fit your specific needs ***

And yes, we did use this tool to create our website. We are firm believers in using the tools we sell so that testing and features are added based on customer use.

Web Based CMS

Notes Client Based CMS